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Where to Buy a Used Car

These days, buying a used car is the norm. Financially, it makes more sense for many people because new cars quickly lose their value. Used cars, on the other hand, lose their value much less slowly. So, unless you have a specific new car you want, your best bet is to buy used. Here is what you need to know about finding solid used car lots in your area.

Just because someone has used cars for sale does not mean they sell the best used cars. The sad fact is that some used car lots have a bad reputation for a reason. However, as long as you look into all your options, and trust your gut, you should be fine. If not, you could end up with a lemon.

There are several warning signs that you need to look out for. You want to be careful if the car lot only takes cash. This is true even if you do not plan to finance your car. The cash itself is not the problem, but rather the fact that most cash only dealers sell cars without performing any repairs. This means that you are unlikely to get any sort of significant warranty or guarantee on your purchase. Cash only dealers usually sell their cars to other dealers who can fix any problems that the cars have. A reputable dealership will buy these types of cars and then fix them up before selling them.

Another thing to look at is the type of financing offered by the used car lot. Just because a car lot offers financing does not mean it is not reputable. Many used car dealerships have financing departments. But the terms are what you should be concerned about. A lot of used car lots prey on low income people with poor credit. In some cases, you may even be able to negotiate with the car lot to secure even better financing terms. If you cannot negotiate lower rates, you should find financing somewhere else.

Ultimately, buying a used car is as much of a exercise in instinct as it is anything else. Look at the inside and outside of the facility. Or does it look like a dumping ground for old cars? If you feel pressured or uncomfortable, it is best to move on. It also helps to know in advance the type of car you want to purchase. Buying any type of vehicle is a big purchase so it is best to be sure about what you are buying.
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